Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Podcast for American Club of Hong Kong

Hi everyone! Long time no speak, I've been away on business to Sweden. I was there for the Stockholm Challenge, a competition that involves the innovative use of technology to further some aspect of human existence - we were finalists in the 'Culture' category. It was fascinating, and I may post a couple pictures of Stockholm and of the trip later this week.

This week's podcast is about the American Club in Exchange Square, in Central. It reflects upon the Presidential pictures (autographed by the genuine Oval Office occupants for the American Club of HK) that hang in the clubhouse, and the early roots of the American business community in the 19th century in Hong Kong, and in (you guessed it!) the opium trade.

Regular blogcast contributions from me (Stefan has done a few since I've been gone) will resume shortly.

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Right now the mp3 file asks for username and password... :|