Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Secret History of Central

Apologies for the hiatus - over the new year, I have been sick, and unfortunately not from over-zealous celebrations (at least I would have enjoyed the celebrating!). Also, I have been working on a book, entitled The Secret History of Central, about the bustling Hong Kong district and the light that the area's nooks and monuments can shine on both the city's fascinating, rapid course of change, and also its surprising continuities.

Hong Kong has consumed more building materials in the last 170 years that most other cities go through in several centuries; yet many of institutions that oversaw the early Colony still preside over them today in their latest incarnations, gleaming architectural monuments of glass and steel. My book will tease out the city's bewitching, revealing narrative in a new, thematic fashion through an exploration of Central's streets and buildings.

I shall certainly tell more in the weeks ahead, but it will sadly take away from my time I'll have to blog. Happily Stefan will take over blogging duties for the next couple of weeks, and promises to write some interesting entries about the history and heritage of Singapore. Stay tuned!


Beth Danae said...

Very interested to have found your blog, I will be moving to Hong Kong in Feb or March for work.

Dave and Stefan said...

Thanks for your comment! We wish you fame and fortune in Hong Kong (and enjoy your job).