Friday, September 30, 2005

Walk the Talk Reviewed in the Kyoto Journal

We are very pleased to learn that Walk the Talk has been reviwed in the 61st issue of the Kyoto Journal, Asia's premier publication about arts and culture. We have yet to read the review, but have been assured by the Editor Ken Rodgers that a copy has been posted to us (he wrote the review himself).

This particular issue may also be interesting for those of you in the blogosphere, because there are a few relevant articles. Allow me to quote the editor:
Several stories are concerned with experience captured through journaling or its online extension, blogging, including a new translation of Natsume Soseki’s groundbreaking “Bicycle Diary 1903” by Damian Flanagan; the Kanazawa journals of artist Beverly Effinger; “Painting Cambodia for Judy” by Karen Coates; “Hagi Night” by Ellis Avery; “In the Land of Reclining Buddhas” by John Brandi; “Lightning Storm Over Calcutta” by Mark Mordue; “Blogology 101” by Robert Brady, and “On Entering the Blogosphere” by Ken Rodgers.
We're also pleased to find out that we'll be interviewed on RTHK Radio 3 Monday, October 3rd, between 2:30pm and 3pm by Sarah Passmore. I'll send you all the link to that radio show when it's all done and dusted (assuming we perform adequately!).

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Dave and Stefan said...

Thank you for your positive thoughts, Bromgrev! We certainly hope so.