Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tsim Sha Tsui Walking Tour This Thursday (Aug 11)

Explore Tsim Sha Tsui with Dave and Stefan, the founders and creators of the Walk the Talk service, on a ninety minute walk this Thursday (August 11th) evening at 6pm. We'll tell you fun, revealing stories about the district: its past as a den of pirates, its years as a military camp (particularly for Muslim soldiers from the Raj), its trials and tribulations during the Japanese Invasion, its status as a hub for immigrants, and its many present-day roles, hosting tourists and triads alike. Hear about what Hong Kong gangster films can tell us about the city's identity, and what old buildings like the Clock Tower really mean to local residents.

We'll be meeting at 6pm at the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Terminal outside the XTC on Ice Gelateria, and we'll end the walk at 7:30pm at the Traveller's Home on Hankow Road (with some fluid replacements handy!). The price for this live walk will be HK$150, and will include a free audio-guided tour package of Central district.

To join us, please get in touch by e-mail at stefan@mobileadventures.com or on Stefan's mobile at 9522-3937. Please let us know that you'll be coming, as we will cancel the walk unless we get at least 10 people signed up.


Madame Chiang said...

are you likely to be doing anything like this on either the 15th, 16th or 30th August...?

Anonymous said...


Why such short notice?
I would have loved to join if I could schedule things ahead of time - oh well, perhaps next time.

Please consider giving more notice in the future.


Dave and Stefan said...

Dear Madame Chiang and Tony,

Sorry to disappoint you! We had found in the past that people responded best when we did publicity for walks a few days before. But you are right, we should also cater to those that plan for such events in advance...

I'll let you all know when we'll do our next one at least a week ahead of time.

Anonymous said...

I really fancy this, alas, 6pm is a little too early for me.