Monday, July 18, 2005

Walk the Talk in The Standard and in HKTB News

We are always gratified to see that people are interested in the urban history of Hong Kong and Macau, that the stories we feature on our site are enjoyed by its visitors, and that most of all, people find that these stories can be profoundly relevant to the place we live in today. So we are extremely grateful that Doug Crets chose to feature our blog in his article on blogs in Hong Kong that serve a public purpose or civic function. Appreciations to Madame Chiang for being the first to let us know of its publication today. I hope that all of you that have so kindly helped us find our way in the blogosphere liked Mr. Crets' quote from us at the end:

"Hong Kong is a city that relentlessly pushes people towards the practical,'' says Wong. Blogs, he believes, are a chance for open-minded people to develop ideas and challenge the status quo in a very constructive way."

I think the opportunity to reflect on the day's events, on their relevance to our lives, and engage in candid discussion is why many of us enjoy blogging. That's why we do, anyway. Thanks Doug!

We'd also like to send our appreciation to the Hong Kong Tourism Board, which is starting to recognize the value of heritage tourism in this city. We are featured in their most recent newsletter for the Australian market.

For more information on our heritage tourism service via mobile phone, visit Our regular history blogcast resumes later today...

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