Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Realities of Today's Wanchai

Sometimes, one can get carried away with the literary or historic connections to a location, when the most sad, poignant facts about a location are here today, in the present. There is an excellent article in today's Standard about how the sex trade in Wanchai remains strong due to the efforts of ruthless recruiters in the Philippines or Thailand.

It is also easy for cosmopolitan, urbane city-dwellers to dismiss prostitution as a fact of life. It is a depressing irony though, that the world's oldest profession always seems to attract the youngest and most naive.


Anonymous said...

Good article, good link from Standard. Actually, this sex business is good stuff. The girls from the Philippines (one L, two PPs, well, three in total) and Thailand, they can make money this way, see the world. It's just skinship, for crying out loud. An exchange of touch and tongues and fluids and lust. The men get what the need or want, the girls get the money and an adventure of a lifetime. Same happens in Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghai, Saigon, Manila, Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdamn.

Stop being so prurient and Puritanical. Prostitution is not an evil. It's busines as usual.

Damn Christian morality! Sex is good for everyone. Just use a condom and watch out for AIDS, yes.

Dave and Stefan said...

You make prostitution sound like joining the navy! I don't deny that the profession serves a fundamental human need; perhaps what is necessary is that it is properly legalized and regulated to ensure that the girls are not treated unfairly and are in the profession of their own free will. When the Hong Kong government banned legal, open brothels in the 1930s, the incidence of venereal disease soared throughout Hong Kong.

Returning to the pre-1930s system of 'lock' hospitals and free medical check-ups (but without the pre-WWII 'mui tsai' system that when abused allowed women to be sold into slavery)may be a positive step, and help minimize exploitation.